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Sean Brannan is a 100% disabled combat veteran that has served in both the U.S. Marine Corps and the U.S. Army.

Organizations & Clubs

Volunteering and Staying Active

Still Rucking

A ruck club focused on fitness and camaraderie. Built on military tradition, rucking works your body and your mental toughness.

Team RWB

Athletic Director - Phoenix
is to enrich the lives of America’s veterans by connecting them to their community through physical and social activity.


Lifetime Member
To foster camaraderie among United States veterans of overseas conflicts. To serve our veterans, the military and our communities.

Verrado Football

The Verrado High School Football Booster Club is a non-profit organization that supports the Verrado High School Football Program.

Leadership Development & Personal Growth Coach

Bridging the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

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Empowering Veterans to Become Online Entrepreneurs in Double-Time

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Still Rucking Club

Rucking is backpacking with fitness in mind

Still Rucking Club

Still Rucking is a social ruck club in Buckeye, AZ. Our goal is to combine fitness with a fun social environment. Any fitness level is welcome, we’re here to help each other get better, no matter where we might start from. You can train for Spartan Races, Mud Runs, or Terrain Races during our rucks or stay for a post-ruck workout; or just come for the fun.

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My Personal Blog

Adventures in Faith

The assurance (title deed, confirmation) of things hoped for (divinely guaranteed), and the evidence of things not seen [the conviction of their reality–faith comprehends as fact what cannot be experienced by the physical senses].

Adventures in Fitness

the ability to carry out daily tasks with vigor and alertness, without undue fatigue, and with ample energy to enjoy leisure-time pursuits and respond to emergencies.

Adventures in Personal Growth

I am an avid personal growth and development seeker and always trying to learn. My basic philosophy is the better I am the more I am able to do for others.

Adventure Activities

Every once in a while we’ve got to get out of our routines and try something new.

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